"The Naturals" wins Communication Arts Design Award


We are honored to have won a Communication Arts Design Award for the opener to our kids fashion story “The Naturals.” The story was photographed in Ibiza, Spain by the brilliant and talented Zoe Adlersberg and styled by the equally brilliant and talented Mariah Walker. This children’s fashion story appeared in the September 2018 issue of Earnshaw’s magazine.

When we saw the pictures Zoe and Mariah had created we were immediately captivated by the richly textured, sun dappled mood they had created. The charm and mysterious light of the “White Island” shown through in every frame.

As we laid out the photographs, balancing dense foliage with wide open vistas, Nancy and I were hypnotized by the gentle samba rhythms of the pictures. A vision of typography as an ornamental tapestry of soft color and bold shadows rose up in our minds’ eye.

As we started to craft our design, the whimsy and playfulness of a new font called “Salvaje Display” seemed to call out to us. The “N” is set in an optically sized version of the face. Salvaje was drawn by Cristian Vargas and inspired by birds of paradise which are known for their big feathers, bright colors and extreme shapes. Cristian’s typeface recently won an award from the Type Director’s Club.

The rest of the design fell into place around our avian display type as ornamental branches and vines started to form around the giant shadowy glyph. The rest of the design spread out in a forest of Victorian-era wood type ornamentation and flourishes inspired by the Rococo. We hope you like it!